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Get to know the exotic animals available by paying us a visit at our pet store! We have rare exotic animals for you to spend time with, and our animal experts can handle a huge variety of pet needs. We offer live and frozen food, pet sitting, and a huge selection of animals to choose from! We’re confident you’ll meet your new favorite pet here at Allan’s Pet Center! 
Very few pets stand out like your very own reptile, and we have plenty of standouts at Allan’s Pet Center! Snakes, lizards, turtles… there is definitely one to fit your lifestyle!

Betta fish make the perfect pet for just about anybody with any lifestyle. They help to relax and restore zen to your body while also brightening up the room in which they live.


Would you like to play with or simply coexist with a beautiful bird? We have a variety or birds with their own, unique personalities that could be your perfect companion!

Insects & Arachnids

Requiring less effort than most while also commanding the ability to draw a crowd, the right arachnid can make for an amazing pet! These beautiful and mysterious creatures come in many forms, so find yours today!

Learn more about how to take care of various reptiles, birds, amphibians, and more.

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About Our Pet Store

Since 1963, Allan’s Pet Center has been West Los Angeles’ go-to pet store for all things pets, pet food, and pet supplies. Unlike other pet stores, we value socializing ALL of our pets, by allowing our customers to handle them while they browse. Our team of experts has all had first-hand experience taking care of and/or breeding pets at one point or another and will teach you exactly what it takes to make your pet comfortable heading into its new home with you.

Located on W. Pico Boulevard, we welcome you to visit our pet store any day of the week from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. to learn, meet, and even handle our pets. Who knows – maybe you’ll meet your next best friend!

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Crickets, Waxworms, Feeder Mice, Mealworms, Hornworms, Dubia Roaches, Feeder Rats, Phoenix Worms, Nightcrawlers, Flightless Fruitflies, Superworms, Red Earthworms, and more.

Frozen Foods

Frozen Bloodworms, Frozen Brine Shrimp, Frozem Mysis Shrimp, Frozen Hoppers, Frozen Medium Rats, Frozen Pinkies, Frozen Jumbo Rats, Frozen Large Rats, Frozen Small Rats, Frozen Mice, Frozen Fuzzies,and more.

Dry Foods

Dried Plankton, Flower Food Topper, Turtle Sticks, Gecko Food, Red Shrimp, Frog Food, Tortoise Food, Iguana Food, Bearded Dragon Bites, Cricket Drink, Dried Mealworms, and more.

Bird Foods

Dried Mealworms, Canary Seed, Chicken Feed, Vitamins & Minerals, Conure Food, Parakeet Food, Cockatiel Food, Hemp Seed, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, and more.

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