10 Supplies Your New Frog Needs

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Getting frog pet supplies for the first time is a fun and informative experience. Your new frog needs special equipment, and planning how you’re going to set it up will help you learn about your new amphibian friend. These ten items are a good starting point for making sure your new frog is safe, clean and comfortable living with you.

  1. Carrying Case: Whenever your frog needs to be moved, whether it’s to clean its cage or pay a visit to the vet, it will need a place to sit tight. Since you’re going to need to transport your pet frog from wherever you’re buying it to your home, getting a safe carrier right off the bat should rank high on your list of priorities.
  2. Tank: Whatever type of frog you plan on having as a pet, the animal will need a good amount of room, so make sure you get an appropriate tank for their size. Frog pet supplies can include two types of tanks: a full tank with an opening in the front, and a tank that opens on top and has a side for water and a side for a dry area. Make sure you research which type of tank is best for your breed of frog.
  3. Water Dish: If your tank does not have a water section, then the best way to give your frog the water it needs is a dish. There are lots of different designs from which you can choose, but generally your frog will be happy with anything that it can fit into. But the big caveat here is to make sure it’s clean and tidy, so that your frog doesn’t get sick from mold or germs.
  4. Branches, Rocks, and Plants: Anything living or artificial pet frog supplies will please your little green friend. Frogs love to climb around and hide beneath whatever greenery they have in their habitat, so it’s up to you to choose which way to keep their cage fun for them. If you like adding new plants and maintaining them over time, then get some good live ones. But if you think getting some artificial ones will be easier to maintain and just as fun, get some of those for your frog.
  5. Substrate Material: This is the stuff that goes at the bottom of your frog’s tank, so make sure you do your research and find a substrate material that fits your frog’s breed. Sometimes rocks are the right choice, and they’re pretty easy to clean. However, other breeds might do better with shavings from trees or soil. Find the right kind for your little friend and they’ll love their home and be happier in it.
  6. Light: If your frog’s tank doesn’t have access to natural light, then getting your frog a light that doesn’t heat up their space too much is a requirement. Frogs like light, and getting one that illuminates their tank will make them much happier. Fluorescent lights are a safe option. Make sure whatever light you get isn’t too warm to burn them, because frogs can damage their skin pretty easily if they’re on a hot surface.
  7. Water Heater: Some frogs need their water heated and some don’t so make sure to check and see if your frog requires one. Having it installed before you bring your frog home is a much safer option than finding out later. Sometimes you can use a heating lamp for the water portion of your frog’s tank, and sometimes you’ll need to have a heater that goes right inside the tank. Either way, try to have it going for at least two days so that your tank water will be just the right temperature for your frog when it comes home.
  8. Food Storage: Have a safe spot to store your frog’s edibles. Typically frogs eat crickets and other insects, so create a space near their habitat where you know you can safely maintain some bugs purchased at a pet shop. Almost all pet stores that sell reptiles and amphibians will offer insects for sale as food for those types of pets, and some pet owners have even taken to breeding their own insects to feed reptile or amphibians in captivity as well.
  9. Gloves: Most frogs do not enjoy being held by humans. They will likely squirm and try to escape if you hold them, so getting plenty of disposable gloves handy nearby is a must for anyone who plans on holding their pet frog. There is also the danger of irritating your frog’s skin with any lotions, oils or other substances that humans can transfer from their skin to their frog’s. Frogs are actually very happy to just be watched and not held, so if you just let your frog enjoy their tank, they will be very happy not being handled much by humans.
  10. Frog Calcium Supplement: Much like humans, frogs can maintain their health better with a little help from supplements. Integrating a calcium supplement into your frog’s feeding routine will be beneficial for your animal from early on. Allan’s Pet Center and other specialty pet stores will be able to help you find the best one for your amphibian friend. Have some ready by the time your frog arrives. If you need more help figuring out how to use them than the standard packet instructions, there are plenty of online articles and videos that can help you.

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Frogs are a delightful package of cute and exotic, and they will put a smile on the face of anyone who enters your home, especially kids. If you want them to be happy in return and live their full life span, then being fully equipped is the best way to do that. Whatever kind of frog is right for you and your family, having their habitat ready will be a welcoming gift they’ll appreciate. Get these supplies and be ready to go the minute your frog leaps into your life.

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