In Our Pet Shop

Customers keep coming back because of our commitment to animals. Our goal is to match each interested shopper with their ideal pet by asking the right questions and using our experience to make that connection.

We work with a wide variety of different reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, rodents, and even insects that can suit any type of person or schedule while bringing the same amount of joy and fulfillment to their life. Some of our animals need daily feeding and enjoy socializing while others may only need weekly feeding and enjoy hiding most of the time.

We highly encourage handling the animals in our pet shop, not only to familiarize yourself with them but also to learn which pet best matches your lifestyle. It’s often that our customers discover how much they enjoy handling a ball python or how zen keeping a freshwater aquarium can be after a long day of work. We recommend meeting as many of our animal friends as possible so we can find the best fit for you.

Our Responsibility

Parents also love bringing their kids into our pet shop to browse for their first pet and their first real adventure in life. Kids have the most fun in handling and learning about new species, which also teaches them valuable lessons in responsibility. Having a pet is one of the best ways for a kid to gain important life skills and learn the knowledge of setting boundaries, practice restraint, and see the larger picture in life.

Our team has either cared for or had the opportunity to breed nearly every species that we carry in the shop. Our pet shop stocks a wide variety of different pet foods and supplies that we personally know are best suited for any pet you have. We guarantee that when you choose a pet from Allan’s Pet Center, you’ll leave confidently knowing your pet will thrive in its new home with its new caretaker.

All of our animals are gently handled from the moment they arrive at the shop and are even put on a “probationary” period of 2-4 weeks prior to customer availability. This allows us to ensure the animals are all healthy and socialized, and that both pet and caretaker will have a quality experience with each other when they leave the shop. In doing so, we look to do our part in protecting animals, people, and the environments in which they live.


Bird parents will tell you how much joy it brings them to spend time with their pet birds. Different species have different personalities, which makes matching up a person to their perfect bird companion becomes much easier. These pets can be as hands-on or as hands-off as any individual desires, depending on the species.
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We keep a unique variety of amphibians here at Allan’s Pet Center, including an extensive selection of frogs, toads, and more. Amphibian pets are some of the most beautiful in color, making their habitat set up nothing short of a micro-landscape work of art and a decorator’s delight. Different species live in different types of
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Insects and Arachnids

It takes a special kind of person to realize how wonderful and fascinating it can be to keep a pet insect. At Allan’s Pet Center, you’ll find some interesting creatures, like tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, beetles, and more! Each brings its own level of wonder and hours of observational curiosity, but we’ll actually teach you how
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For the rodent lovers of Los Angeles, we regularly keep rats and Teddy bear hamsters that make the fuzziest, friendliest pets. Both rats and hamsters are “companion pets,” meaning both pet and pet parent help, at least partially, fulfill each other’s emotional, physical, behavioral, and social needs. Pet hamsters and rats love to be handled
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At Allan’s Pet Center, we know how awesome reptiles are as pets. Whether you’re interested in a snake, a gecko, or a chameleon, our team is committed to finding out which is the perfect pet for you. When you come into the pet store looking for a reptile pet, we teach you everything you need
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