Kendyl’s Bird Grooming

Allan’s Pet Center has recently started a bird grooming service with Kendyl of Kendyl’s Bird Grooming!

Kendyl has been grooming birds for over 10 years and has been trained in safe-handling techniques for birds of all shapes and sizes. Although the grooming process can be stressful on even the most docile of birds, Kendyl makes every effort to provide a safe and calm environment to ensure that your bird has the best experience possible.

Bird Grooming is Only Done at West LA Location

Why Should I Have My Bird Groomed?

There are many reasons why you should have your bird groomed. The biggest reason is that bird grooming helps your bird maintain its health and a better quality of life; trimming a bird’s wings can ensure the bird’s safety by not letting the bird fly away. Although wild birds’ nails and beaks can be naturally trimmed, a domestic bird needs some assistance.

Regular bird grooming can also help improve the relationship between you and your feathery friend. Many people try to groom their bird at home only to find that their bird has been holding a grudge for months or even years. By having a third party groom your bird, your relationship can be preserved without your bird holding a grudge. In fact, many birds become more affectionate and gentler to their owners after being groomed since they were “saved” from the “big, bad” groomer.

Bird Grooming Tasks

During a bird grooming session, the groomer will complete three tasks: nail trimming, wing trimming, and beak trimming. Birds that receive regular nail trims are easier to handle, which means they get to spend more time outside their cages and with their owners.

Though wing trimming can be controversial, a bird with limited flight capabilities is less likely to fly into or out of a window and be lost forever. A groomer can customize a wing trim to fit you and the bird’s lifestyle; whether you prefer a full trim that will minimize lift and only allow your bird to glide safely to the ground or if you like your bird to be able to fly for limited distances, a groomer can work with you to find the perfect wing-trim length.

Please note that a bird’s feathers can grow back in a matter of weeks, depending on the bird’s molt cycle. It is your responsibility to ensure your bird’s safety, as birds with trimmed wings can still fly away.

Beak trimming is a rarer task for a bird groomer, as it can occur due to genetic, dietary, or other medical issues that require the beak to be trimmed. Regular grooming will help prevent weight loss that is associated with an inability to eat due to an overgrown or misshapen beak.

Pricing and Contact

Bird typesBeak trimmingWing trimmingNail trimmingWorks
Finches, canaries and doves$5
Cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds and parrotlets$6$5$8$10
Conures, caiques, lories, mini macaws, ringnecks, Meyers, senegals$11$8$15$20
Pionus, African greys, Amazons, eclectus, cockatoos$14$10$20$30
Macaws, Moluccan cockatoos, toucans$20$12$26$40

Kendyl’s Bird Grooming is by appointment only. Please note that birds may not be left unattended during the grooming session. Owners must bring a towel. All birds must arrive in a carrier.

To schedule your bird grooming session today, contact Kendyl by the form below or call Allan’s Pet Center at 424-832-3009.

Bird Grooming’s Terms and Conditions

(Bird Grooming is Only Done at The West LA Location)

I am aware that grooming can cause stress that can exaggerate or expose new problems or even lead to a serious medical event or death during or after grooming.

If Kendyl feels that grooming will be too stressful for my bird, the grooming will be stopped immediately.

I understand that Kendyl has the right to refuse service at any time for any reason.

The client assumes all liabilities, financial and otherwise, for the behavior and health of the bird(s). In consideration of the services rendered by Kendyl, the client waives any and all claims, actions or demands of any nature, foreseen or unforeseen, against Kendyl relating to the care, control, health and/or safety of the client’s bird(s) arising during or after services performed by Kendyl.

In allowing Kendyl to groom your bird(s), you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these terms.

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