Feeder Crickets

There are two species of feeder crickets: Acheta domesticus (Brown Cricket or Common House Cricket) and Gryllus bimaculatus (Black Cricket, Black Field Cricket, Mediterranean Cricket, Silent Cricket, or African Cricket). Field crickets tend to be much more aggressive than brown crickets, making them more difficult to handle as feeders....
Different types of climate

The Different Types of Climate in the World

If you have ever had an exotic pet, say a bearded dragon or a hamster, you might have heard that it prefers a specific climate. For example, snakes typically prefer arid climates. What you may not know is there are over a dozen different types of climates scattered all...
Difference between insect and arachnid

The Difference Between an Insect and an Arachnid

If you love bugs but can’t tell the difference between an insect and arachnid, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. In fact, you may be shocked to know that while all insects are considered bugs, not all bugs are considered insects – they could be arachnids instead....
Chilean rose hair tarantula

How to Care for Your Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

As on the most common pet tarantulas in the world, the Chilean rose hair tarantula is one of the most docile, easy to care for and inexpensive arachnids. In the wild, they mostly inhabit dry grasslands of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. They are naturally solitary, nocturnal hunters that live...