Jackson's Chameleons, reptile

How To Care For Your Jackson’s Chameleon

For pet owners who are more drawn toward tamed and mild, the Jackson’s Chameleon, aka Chamaeleo jacksonii xantholophus is the perfectly docile creature for you. Aside from their demeanor, this reptile is everything but mild. Availability, Size, & Lifespan Because these interesting yet beautiful looking creatures are so manageable...
Tortoise Enclosure, Russian Tortoise

How to Build the Perfect Russian Tortoise Enclosure

Russian tortoises are one of the more popular reptiles to own as pets because they thrive in extreme temperatures. But many owners of this species have a difficult time finding or creating a tortoise enclosure that would satisfy both pockets and of course, the tortoise. Given their natural ability...
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Captive Breeding

What is it? Captive Breeding is the process of maintaining the natural breeding processes of plants or animals in a controlled environment. Captive-bred programs are employed to help protect species caught in the wild, from the possibility of extinction. It is estimated that over 90 percent of pets sold...