Our Top 4 Favorite Exotic Animal Instagram Accounts

Everyone needs a few trusty exotic animal Instagram accounts! If you follow our social media, you’re probably either an exotic pet owner or an exotic pet fan. We’re definitely both! Take a minute out of your day and check out some of our favorite exotic animal Instas!

An Exotic Animal Instagram Account for Colorful Reptiles

When you’re scoping for exotic animal Instagram accounts featuring videos of all things scaly, look no further! The folks who run @exoticanimalstube have you covered! You’ll find everything from lizards to snakes, or all shapes, species, and colors. It’s such a delight to see these critters in action!

Our favorite post if definitely of this yellow and black ball python! Ain’t she a beaut?

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A Baby Animal for You, a Baby Animal for You! Everyone Gets a Baby Animal!

Sure, everyone loves baby animals- but how about exotic baby animals? Tiger cubs, pine marten kits, and deer fawns oh, my! It might not be safe to approach most of these furry lil critters, though. Their territorial mommas post a problem. So does that fact that most of these guys have fangs and claws. Even if they are baby-sized. We don’t blame them- we’d want to protect them, too! When you need a furry little critter to cheer you up, the @exotic_baby_animals Insta will give you the endorphin boost you’ve been craving! Every photo posted by this exotic animal Instagram account is high-res, and this makes us happy, too!

Our favorite post has to be this great shot of an American pine marten!

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The Exotic Animal Instagram All-Rounder

The @exotic.animalhub is a great exotic animal Instagram account to follow to peep a wide variety of critters from every edge of the animal kingdom. Whether you’re looking for a video of gorgeous reptiles or photos of colorful arachnids, they post a little something for everyone!

Our favorite post has to be this video of the bluest snake we’ve ever seen!

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Birds Galore

Sometimes, you just really need to see photos of pretty, colorful birds. @animali_esotici_exotic_animals is the place to be! This Insta mostly features a bevy of beautiful passerines, from love birds to cockatiels, photographed to perfection!

Our favorite post has to be this parrot nomming a strawberry!


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Do you have any favorite exotic animal Instagram accounts? Share them below!

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