Pet Supplies

We help your pet thrive at Allan’s Pet Center. Taking care of pets since 1963, we know a few things about making them feel comfortable, which is why we stock the largest assortment of pet supplies in West Los Angeles. The pet supplies we stock have been curated over the years based on both the needs of our customers as well as their pets.

We carry all of the reptile supplies, amphibian supplies, bird supplies, fish supplies, rodent supplies, and insect supplies you’ll need to help your pet thrive in your home while feeling right at home on their own. Whether you’re in need of a tank, cage, toys, feeding devices, bedding, or anything else, we’ve got you covered — and then some.

Reptile Supplies

Reptiles come in every shape and size – and we know that. We carry reptile supplies to suit every kind of reptile from a baby painted turtle to a fully grown green iguana. Whether you have a desert or tropics-dweller, we’ll make sure you leave Allan’s prepared and confident to help your pet thrive.

Amphibian Supplies

Similar to reptiles, amphibians are happy in a variety of habitats. Whether your amphibian needs branches and humidity or flowing water, we stock amphibian supplies to satisfy almost every type of species. Your pet’s business is our business, and we’ll make sure they feel right at home.

Bird Supplies

Our selection of bird supplies will keep your bird feeling safe, entertained, and happy. We regularly stock a diverse selection of bird cages, feeding dishes, and all kinds of toys for your bird’s (and your) satisfaction. And if that doesn’t seem to work, we also sell bird friends for them to play with!

Fish Supplies

Those who keep beautiful aquariums as well as those who keep a single betta fish know how much love and care go into keeping your fish healthy and comfortable in their environment. Our fish supplies help with the science of maintaining your fish, with everything from tanks and filtration to decorations and chemical control.

Rodent Supplies

Your rodent needs love – and you know how to give it. That means fresh bedding, fun toys, and different ways to exercise. The rodent supplies we stock make it easy to take better care of your hamster, rat, guinea pig, or anything else by providing constant new and interesting options to keep them on their paws.

Insects & Arachnids

Tarantulas, scorpions, and other insects need the same love and attention to detail that other types demand. We’ve become the local hot spot for insect supplies and our insect expert is happy to train you on how to best choose, arrange, and maintain their habitat.