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We keep a unique variety of amphibians here at Allan’s Pet Center, including an extensive selection of frogs, toads, and more. Amphibian pets are some of the most beautiful in color, making their habitat set up nothing short of a micro-landscape work of art and a decorator’s delight.

Different species live in different types of environments, from frogs and toads to newts and salamanders, despite the term “amphibian” literally meaning living on both land and water. Many frogs and toads, for example, need both cool and warm areas in their habitat to help them self-regulate their body temperature, as well as a water dish for drinking and cooling off. Others, like the Japanese fire-bellied newt, are perfectly happy inside a still or low flow filter freshwater tank.

For our amphibian pet keepers, we stock the best food and supplies to keep your set-up running smoothly. Amphibians typically require forms of controlled heat, water, and elements from their natural environment like branches and mosses for hiding. We stock live and pellet food for balanced diets that promote a natural and clean environmental balance for your pet. To help your cleaning regimen, Allan’s Pet Center carries isopods and springtails, two species of living organisms that eat animal waste and other environmental debris. They may also make a decent meal for your frog or toad!

Who’s a Good Fit for a Pet Amphibian?

Amphibians are usually regarded as requiring more experience or research as a pet parent to properly care for. Commonly called an “indicator species,” their health and well-being directly reflect the health and status of the environment in which they live. Because their skin is porous and absorbent, they may come in contact with certain bacteria or chemicals that could be detrimental. Because of this, they require a little more maintenance than most pets do and need regular cleanings of their terrariums or tanks.

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