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Our company, originally called Allan’s Aquarium, has been known as the place to go for pet fish, food, tanks, and everything else needed to run your living mini-aquascape. Today, we still maintain that status on a hand-curated scale with a wide variety of betta fish, pond fish, and freshwater fish.

We know fish – very well. Our team members have all had fish as pets at one point or another and frequently guide newcomers through the entire process while also coming up with the best solutions for the most advanced pet fish keepers as well. We sell pellets, flakes, and frozen fish food to satisfy any amount, species, and size of your fish.

Pet fish keepers take pride in their fish display, and with good reason. The team at Allan’s Pet Center is committed to helping you maintain the beauty, health, and “kaizen” of your aquarium with our decades of knowledge and expertise.

Who’s a Good Fit for Pet Fish?

Pet fish make a fantastic pet for anybody, anywhere, with any kind of lifestyle. They’re the perfect starter pet for people of any age at a size or scale of any size.

Betta fish or goldfish make some of the best pet fish for kids. They’re one of the easier pets to maintain with simplistic feeding and cleaning routines. At the same time, kids learn the responsibility of caring for others.

Maintaining an aquarium is also one of the best ways to relieve stress or find zen in life and we highly recommend starting an aquarium of your own if you work at a high-stress job, suffer from anxiety, or have other health-related conditions.

Your aquarium can also help restore critical and creative concentration for projects that you may be working on. It’s often we hear about creative or business people needing a mental distraction to help get them back on the right train of thought, and they do so by spending time watching the fish in their aquarium.

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