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Insects and Arachnids

It takes a special kind of person to realize how wonderful and fascinating it can be to keep a pet insect. At Allan’s Pet Center, you’ll find some interesting creatures, like tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, beetles, and more! Each brings its own level of wonder and hours of observational curiosity, but we’ll actually teach you how to handle and properly care for your new crawly friend!

Over the last few decades, stigmas about these pets have been vanishing, largely in part because of social media. Tarantulas aren’t just for “the goth kids” anymore – these arachnids are for anyone who is curious about the world.

Maintenance is pretty easy when it comes to caring for your pet insect as well. Many thrive in either desert or tropical-type environments, which Allan’s Pet Center can set up for you right in our store. Feeding is very easy, as most of our insects typically only require about two crickets, super worms, roaches, or caterpillars per week, depending on their size.

Please note that some of our tarantulas and scorpions are venomous. You should be extremely cautious when handling these pets. If you are bitten or stung, please be aware that the effects are no worse than a normal bee sting and can easily be treated.

Who’s a Good Fit for a Pet Insect?

Insects make great pets for basically anybody. They’re very low-maintenance pets and are perfect for the busy body – those who don’t always have the time to handle and be with their pet every single day. At the same time, they’re very fun to observe, handle, and feed.

Our tarantulas, scorpions, and other insects are perfectly happy in their habitat as long as they’re being fed and feel safe. Each species comes with its own habitat needs, but rest assured that Allan’s Pet Center will help you get set up before you even leave the store so that your pet can thrive in your home.

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