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Bird parents will tell you how much joy it brings them to spend time with their pet birds. Different species have different personalities, which makes matching up a person to their perfect bird companion becomes much easier. These pets can be as hands-on or as hands-off as any individual desires, depending on the species.

Who’s a Good Fit?

Birds make great pets for anybody! This is largely in part to the variety of personalities among pet birds. They’re equally as beneficial for kids, older adults, and everybody in between. We have customers who love handling and hanging out with their birds as they would a dog. We also have customers who enjoy simply taking care of and providing for their birds.

At Allan’s Pet Center, we do our part to ensure the best possible quality of life for our animals both while they’re in our care as well as when they go home with our customers. That’s why we do our best to place the right bird with the right individual. It’s all too often that people are tantalized by the beautiful colors of birds and make impulse purchases without really understanding the needs or personality type of a bird they like. This is one thing we seek to eliminate by thoroughly educating each client, asking the right questions, and having them handle and get to know our birds.

Fortunately, we keep birds for all types of personalities and lifestyles. Some birds, like conures, are extremely affectionate, love to be handled, and will find their place in your family photo. Others, like finches or parakeets, are happiest just hanging out with themselves and possibly others of their kind. The best way to find out which bird is best for you is by coming into the store and finding out for yourself!

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