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For the rodent lovers of Los Angeles, we regularly keep rats and Teddy bear hamsters that make the fuzziest, friendliest pets. Both rats and hamsters are “companion pets,” meaning both pet and pet parent help, at least partially, fulfill each other’s emotional, physical, behavioral, and social needs.

Pet hamsters and rats love to be handled and played with. They like to interact with their owner and form bonds with their parent. They crave mental and emotional stimulation, and though play-time is a must, it’s always the most fun. Our customers love to get creative with their pet rodents. Some like to construct obstacle courses for them with old shipping boxes and paper towel rolls. Others have full-on fashion shows and live-stream them over social media. However you choose to play is up to you, but rest assured that your pet will love you for it.

Aside from handling, our rodents’ feeding routines are very easy to adapt to. They require fresh dry food and veggies every 5-7 days or so with freshwater changes as needed. Their cages should be changed as needed, but typically once every week by discarding the waste and old bedding.

Allan’s Pet Center is so proud to say that all of our pet rodents are bred and born locally, right here in Los Angeles. We control the way our rodents grow and develop and make sure that we’re socializing them in the process, preparing them to be the best pets possible by creating an initial bond with humans. Because of this, they enjoy being handled and gently cuddled, and they love to play.

Who’s a Good Fit for a Pet Rodent?

Because of how friendly our pet hamsters and rats are toward people, they make a great pet for just about everybody. For children, we recommend starting at ages five and up to ensure that they can understand the boundaries that come with caring for and handling these small, lovable pets.

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