At Allan’s Pet Center, we know how awesome reptiles are as pets. Whether you’re interested in a snake, a gecko, or a chameleon, our team is committed to finding out which is the perfect pet for you. When you come into the pet store looking for a reptile pet, we teach you everything you need to know to get your reptile set up properly to live its best life in your home.

Some of our most popular pet choices are reptiles, and it’s no surprise – they make amazing pets! Our customers love bearded dragons, ball python snakes, and leopard geckos, among many others.

Each species may require its own specific climate. Some prefer a desert climate that needs to be hot and dry, with a constant heat source, and a controlled amount of water for drinking and cooling off. Others require tropical climates, like a jungle, that need to be hot and humid. Some other species can live in more temperate climates that are mild and either water or land-based. We carry all the supplies necessary to ensure the happiness and comfort of whichever type of reptile you choose as a pet.

Each individual animal is set aside upon arrival to ensure good health and overall quality of life. They stay in a controlled, comfortable environment for 2-4 weeks while we examine their behavior until they’re ready to interact with people and go home as a pet.

Who’s a Good Fit for a Pet Reptile?

Reptiles make great pets for anybody! As a species, reptiles are becoming more popular as old stigmas about reptiles (and snakes in particular) continue to be broken down. The old stereotype of the “motorcycle guy with tattoos and a pet snake” has been dissipating thanks to social media, film, and other forms of pop culture. Today, many more kids are becoming interested in snakes and other species, and at Allan’s Pet Center, we are the first point of contact for many kids to handle and learn about snakes in real life.

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