How to Care for your Leachie Gecko

The leachie gecko or the Rhacodactylus Leachianus of the leachianus gecko species, goes by the common nickname New Caledonian Giant Gecko. There are two discernable subspecies of these geckos found on different islands of New Caledonia, Grand Terre and Pine. They are often quite vocal, emitting nocturnal squeaks, barks,...
Difference between amphibians and reptiles

The Difference Between Amphibians and Reptiles

Unless you are a herpetologist, or someone who studies reptiles and amphibians, trying to tell the difference between amphibians and reptiles can be tricky; the two are usually (incorrectly) interchangeable. In fact, reptiles and amphibians were once classified as the same due to their similarities, and they belong to...
Jackson's Chameleons, reptile

How to Care for Your Jackson’s Chameleon

For pet owners who are more drawn toward tamed and mild, the Jackson’s Chameleon, aka Chamaeleo jacksonii xantholophus is the perfectly docile creature for you. Aside from their demeanor, this reptile is everything but mild. Availability, Size and Lifespan Because these interesting yet beautiful looking creatures are so manageable...
Russian Tortoise

How to Care for Your Russian Tortoise

Small, feisty, ready to eat and more active than most other tortoise species, the Russian tortoise, or Testudo horsfieldii, is one of the most common pet tortoises and are readily available to own for yourself. Their appeal stems from many factors, one being the species’ high tolerance to...