The 5 Best Pet Birds For Living in the City

Laying the Land

Anyone living in the city knows that urban life comes with unique challenges for pet owners, particularly if those pets are not the standard dog or cat. Finding the best pet birds for city life requires a bit of research, and we’re happy to help you with that at Allan’s Pet Center.

When you’re genuinely sure you want to make the commitment of owning a pet bird, there are some breeds that will fit a city life better than others. Some birds are less noisy than others, some are less likely to fly off than others, and knowing those things in advance will help get you prepared and excited about finding the right one to suit your apartment or house.


A classic that never dies in popularity and fits just about every home setting. The canary is one of the best pet birds for anyone living the city life partly because of their lovely appearance and petite physique, and they also possess personality traits fit for an urban setting.

A smaller breed will generally require a smaller cage, so you will automatically get an animal that doesn’t demand the physical space use that a larger breed will. A canary cage will be adaptable to its surroundings, rather than having to make its surroundings change and rearrange an entire home. Finding a bird that can reasonably fit within the physical comfortability of your home is vital, and canaries will do that for pretty much anyone.

Canaries also do not need much physical interaction, so you can fit one into a smaller apartment without having to worry about having a ton of space to play with it inside or outside. Perhaps most importantly though, canaries are also quiet enough not to disturb your neighbors. They will vocalize, but not loudly enough to get on anyone’s nerves except yours. And since you’re a bird owner, be prepared for a little bit of noise within your own living space.


If the bird of your dreams is a huge parrot with a long wingspan and a mighty voice, then this little bird might be a realistic way to get the next best thing for a bird lover living a city life. An apartment or a small house can handle the Parrotlet without worrying about the added challenges of a larger parrot.

Firstly, these birds have a tiny chirp as opposed to a long, loud screech. Your neighbors will not notice the bird’s voice, and you might not either if you’re in another room with music on. The Parrotlet is still an energetic breed that loves to move around. Expect to see a lot of activity throughout the day, and keep an eye out for whatever toys your Parrotlet might like. They’re happy, pretty, and a great fit for any parrot lover in the city.


This might be the best bird for any apartment dweller that needs a feathery friend. Cockatiels are a very sociable breed who love being around humans and other birds, and they’re ready to whistle their companion along throughout each day.

Cockatiels love companionship, so if you decide that you can handle two birds, your cockatiel would love it if you added one in their living space. Or if you think you’re ready to own two and you’ve prepared for the added financial and emotional needs of your birds, buying two right off the bat might be the right move for you. Either way, a cockatiel is an excellent choice for any friend of birds.

Budgerigars (Budgies)

These birds would likely be the Coca Cola of the pet bird world, and they’re certainly one of the best birds for a first-time owner. Thankfully they’re also wonderful for anyone living in an urban setting who wants a bird friend around for the long haul (and they live around 18 years, so be ready to commit to caring for them daily for that amount of time).

Even though budgies are tiny and not very loud, they can still form words and phrases eventually, which can be a lot of fun for a bird owner. Thankfully, they are nowhere near as loud as other parrot breeds, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. They come in two kinds, the Australian budgie and the English budgie, and both are suitable as pets.

However, budgies also require consistent cleanliness, so be prepared to clean their cage about once each day. Budgies love attention, and they’ll want it from you regularly, so be prepared to truly make the bird a part of your daily routine if you choose to bring one into your apartment or house space.


If you and your partner want pets that reflect your own sweet relationship, getting a pair of doves for your first apartment together might be a lovely touch to your life. Doves adore living with others of their kind, and they are very calm and easy to manage in a variety of settings.

Part of the appeal of doves is their sweetness. They appreciate attention and are perfectly friendly around humans, but they are not overly hyper. They have a low coo, not a screech, and females in particular tend to be quieter and more amenable to an apartment setting. They live around 20 years, so if you plan on staying in the city for quite a while, then they likely will too.

Taking the Big Step

Needless to say, getting a bird is a huge commitment whether you live in the middle of London or on a farm in rural Midwestern America. However, buying one when you’re living in the city comes with a lot of added considerations, and walking into a pet store and randomly deciding to buy a pretty bird isn’t going to give you great results the majority of the time.

Owning a bird in the city will be much more fun if you know what level of noise you’ll be able to handle, how much space you’ll need, and how long you’ll be able to care for the animal. Do all this homework beforehand, and bringing your new bird home will be a joy.

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